School of Consciousness: Britta Steilmann´s mission is to ignite your soul

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While working with Britta Steilmann, you will return to a place of inner strength and safety

You will learn to be comfortable with yourself in every situation you are facing.

It is Britta Steilmann´s mission to ignite your soul. While working with her, you will return to a place of inner strength and safety. You will learn to be comfortable with yourself in every situation you are facing. Britta is a powerful transformer and leader. She is the advisor, heartfelt teacher and compelling guide to entrepreneurs, executives, sports champions and organisations. Her greatest passion is to bring compassion, love and understanding to this world. Britta Steilmann has always been interested in succeeding and in maximizing one´s quality in life.

“I guide my clients to inner peace"

Her whole life Britta Steilmann has been an entrepreneur, born as the oldest daughter of one of Europe's most successful businessman and philanthropist. Her father has always encouraged her to think big, be brave and still be compassionate and kind. He opened doors which she gladly entered.

In her twenties, Britta Steilmann was Germany´s Eco Manager, has pioneered an environmental movement and shifted a global industry to thinking green. She worked as a social worker and project manager for Environmental Protection and Encouragement Agency, EPEA, in the Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation building self-sufficient, sustainable communities. She had the high pleasure to join forces with world leaders like the Holiness the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and many leaders within the Club of Rome and other. In her 30s she ran the family enterprise; Europe´s leading textile manufacturing group.

Holistic well-being, emotional intelligence and spirituality

Britta Steilmann was named one of the 50 most influential women in Europe and was called a "Global leader for tomorrow" by the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM. She is the youngest recipient of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. After her very successful corporate carrier, Britta decided to further expand her training in holistic wellbeing, emotional intelligence, and spirituality. These disciplines enable Britta to be a bridge between the intellect and the intuition. Currently, Britta is a spiritual guide to bring peace and harmony to individuals.

She can revitalize you on your life path. She lives in New York and Düsseldorf.

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Britta will be teaching you simple yet powerful methods to move from a stressful, fear- based reality, caused by unconscious thoughts and inherited believe systems to safety, comfort and abundant love in your life. Your new awareness will significantly improve your overall well being and quality of life. Just book a session and experience the School of Consciousness.

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