Positive Vibrations: How to achieve a healty and long life!

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The Schumann 3D System guarantees pure regeneration. This high quality and timeless system improves your daily energy, reduces stress and optimises the body weight. It is the simplest and most comfortable way to be fit and to counteract in case of symptons and physical complaints. It makes you smart, smoothes your skin, keeps you healthy and alert, allows you to sleep naturally and restfully.

It is your companion for a healthy and long life.

What exactly is „The Schumann 3 D Plat“?

The Schumann 3D Plat was developed based on the Resonance Teachings of world-renowned German physicist Professor Otto Winfried Schumann and a bio-geometric, natural, resonance pattern involving three-dimensional rotations. The special sprial-shaped threedimensional rensonance pattern gently lifts up your skeleton and body, putting them in order and in the proper rhythm.

Positive Vibrations – Learn about all the positive effects:

  • Preventive, pleasant and quick pain relieve (back pain, osteoporosis)

  • Counteracts physical and mental burdens

  • Improves the supply of oxygen to the body and the brain

  • Improves ability to concentrate

  • Relaxes the muscles

  • Neutralises stressful, unnatural stimulatory influences

  • Improves reaction and reflex behaviour

  • Optimises the body weight, counteracts the production of new fat deposits

  • Supports the libido

  • Supports the healing process for injuries

  • Activates and freshens the skin. It improves the profile and smoothens the external appearance of cellulitis.

  • Activates the immun system

  • Improves mobility

  • Releases blockades, allows the engergy to flow better, improves your wellbeing and quality of life

  • Improves your energy potential for the entire day

  • Prophylaxis against falling and suffering fractures

Do you suffer from daily stress, neck and back pains, sleep disturbances or anxiety?

These influences are affecting our body and bones:

  • Stress: Daily cycle > short of breath, hectic, unhealthy, multitasking

  • Nutrition

  • Job: Speed, more work, less attention to your needs, leads to stress and burn-out

  • Not enough physical exercise

  • Environment

  • Signs of aging and wear and tear

  • Conditions of tension: Loss of concentration, headache, Sleep disturbances, Anxiety and depressions, neck and back pains, increased susceptibility to infections, stomach ulcer, high blood pressure, stroke or heart attack, diabetes, impotence or infertility

  • Special > Schoolchildren: They offen suffer from performance pressure, high expectations, leisure time stress

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