Britta Steilmann: "I will guide my clients to inner peace!"

"I will guide you to explore that all life is a mirror. I will ignite your soul."

What is my ultimate dream?

To bring peace and love and harmony into the world.

I start to practice this by guiding individuals to inner stability.

How do I describe my work?

I guide my clients to inner peace.

My biggest gifts:

Listening beyond self/mind.

My ability to hold you through a crisis.

To be your sparring partner and never losing focus of your intention.

Connect you to being still and content in moments of chaos and crisis.

My ability to see through complex systems and situation.

I am the bridge between your intellect and your intuition.

What do I teach?

I create awareness.Lead with love.

My method? I revitalize people with my cleansing techniques.

I teach compassion.

I will guide you to explore that all life is a mirror.

I will ignite your soul.

We will connect with the part of you, you have thought lost.

What do I firmly believe?Everything is possible.We are always safe.We are loved, always; at any given moment. You are the love and the light you seek in the world.We can always bring new depth to our spirituality.We can transform into the grandest version of the most significant vision we ever held for ourselves. Every day at a time.

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