25 amazing quotes of Britta Steilmann´s School of Consciousness

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Britta Steilmann´s School of Consciousness is well known for its holistic life management and its powerful cleansing rituals. But do you know all of her amazing quotes? Well, here is a first selection of 25 amazing quotes.

Britta Steilmann: "Your Business is your business. If I stay in my business, I am busy enough."

Be as gentle as possible. It is always possible.

Walk, talk and act mindfully.

When you see yourself in every person you meet - there is no room for rejection.

Sharpen your awareness. But simply witnessing life – not judging.

Be the love that you seek.

What you think of me is none of my business.

Take a deep breath and relax,

breathe and return to the heart,

breathe and return to your essentiell self.

Love is peaceful, but not static. It is dynamic, but not overwhelming or controlling.

Meditate on a moment in time and identify the thoughts that cause pain and suffering.

The heart is the bridge between the mind and the soul.

Be still and witness.

The sooner you realize that you are the creator of your reality, the quicker you will come to peace with the world.

The beautiful world inside yourself is as vast as the ocean.

It is always great to be outside, no matter what your mind tells you.

The universe is always friendly. Your thoughts about it maybe not.

Remember how to love purely, free of expectations and attachments to the outcome.

Always be kind to yourself.

Create a daily ritual of loving yourself.

May it be reading a book, a hot bath,

a walk in the forest, meditation or a nap.

Take these moments every single day.

You will see your life becomes much happier.

Awakening is a life long process,

so be kind to yourself and honor how far you have come.

Freedom is not getting what you want, but wanting what you get.

You have nothing to lose by simply being kind, compassionate and loving at all times.

Mistakes and failures are the most excellent teachers. There is nothing you can receive that is not a gift.

Become aware of all your judgements. Judging yourself, others, situations of your daily life, down to the weather. Just witness, don't judge. Simply bring it to your awareness and you will see a shift.

The idea that we embrace is the reality that we face.

Be generous at all times and free of expectations.

Give generously without expectations and attachments and you will always have enough.

See yourself in every person you meet at every given moment.

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