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December 5-8, 2019
Transform Your Energy - Transform Your Life
This intimate three day immersion retreat will focus on a complete cleanse of energy, removing negative thought debris, incorporate clean eating habits, cleanse energetic ties to past relations and develop healthy nourishing self care rituals, led by Britta Steilmann, founder of the School of Consciousness. Transformation takes place through the art of meditation + conversation, coupled with a vegetarian, medical medium inspired cleanse.

Learn to connect with the divine presence of plants + trees and experience the breath of life in the abundant natural setting of the Hamptons. Incorporate your cleansing tools like sage, cedar, palo santo as your guides and pendulum. In the practice we will discharge negative energy in nature and learn how to recharge with the energy of the land and water.

Participants will receive upon arrival a complementary consultation with the Shaman to address physical and emotional needs and to set the right intention and deepen the benefits from the workshop. Additional treatments provided by our on site healers are carefully curated in the one on one consultation. 

This retreat is perfect for anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, emotional abuse, physical illness, disease and more. Prepare to break through your limitations of what holds you back and discover the real you. Make yourself a priority for an extended weekend in a safe space and harvest the full benefits of the retreat. Learn about energy and become aware of how to change your daily habits.

Deepen your experience with an optional one on one session with one of our healers. Select from our menu of treatments.

Menu of Treatments
Treatments will be discussed during your 20 minute consultation upon arrival and are highly recommended to deepen the practice and release negative blockages from the body and the psyche.

1. 60 minute session with the Shaman Rene Dustwalker introducing plant and sacred medicine - the strongest natural antibiotics and anesthetics found in the world. Boost your immunity for rapid recovery.

2. 90 minute intense energetic release with Shaman Rene Dustwalker and medicine woman Shay Sharmon. Work on your consciousness through self-discovery and remove any barriers or energetic blockages. This treatment is an advanced treatment worth years of psychotherapy for anyone ready to make major changes in their emotional wellbeing.


3. Explore healing the sacred feminine divine with intuitive healer and medicine woman Shay Sharmon. Release trauma from the body on a cellular and spiritual level and reclaim your goddess energy.

4. Work one on one and dive deeper with Britta Steilmann in a personal talk therapy session. Whatever arises is ready to be transformed. Allow the mind to unwind and release one stressful thought at a time. 

5. Deep Tissue Aromatherapy massage with intuitive body worker. Release anxiety, tension and stress from the body to reach a more elevated mindset


Day 1 Thursday December 5th

Arrive: 5-7pm. Meet the Shaman for your one on one private consultation. Vegetarian dinner: soup and salad. Followed by evening meditation.


Day 2 Friday December 6th

6:30 Meditation (You are the placebo. The power of manifesting.)

8am Breakfast 


9am Nature experience


10am Fresh Juice


10:30 Meditation blessing the energy centers


12pm Lunch


1-3pm Workshop: Learn how to harness your mind and reprogram your brain to create new

neurological pathways. Reprogram the mind one thought at a time. 


3pm Fresh Juice


3-7 Individual treatments (as recommended in your consultation or use this time to rest and journal)




8-9 Evening meditation 



Day 3 Saturday December 7th


6:30 Meditation (You are the placebo. The power of manifesting.)


8am Breakfast 


9am Start your day with gratitude. Get in the practice of creating morning alters and integrate prayer rituals into your daily routine.


10am Fresh Juice


10:30 Meditation healing of the energy centers


12pm Lunch


1-3pm An introduction to self healing practices. Focus on enhanced energy work. Learn how to sensitize yourself to read energy and initiate self care rituals. Clean old attachments from past relationships and unwanted energetic connections. What's your relationship to money? Shift perspective to attract more abundance and prosperity into your life through an elevated state of being. It's time to recharge your mind and body..


3pm Fresh Juice


3-7 Individual treatments (as recommended in your consultation or use this time to rest and journal)




8-9 Evening meditation 



Day 4 Sunday December 8th


7am Meditation (Blessing of the energy centers)


8-8:30 Breakfast 


9-10 Nature experience / recharge our bodies


10:30 Fresh Juice


11-1 Workshop. Practice daily rituals. Develop a daily routine of self care for your personal energetic

hygiene. Learn to recharge yourself cleanse your space and read the energy in your home.


1pm Lunch


2pm Cacao Ceremony. A beautiful sharing of ancient traditions lets us indulge with the sweet and heart opening superfood. 


3pm Departure

Three Day Immersion Workshop Room Options

1 King bed en suite (available as a private or shared room)

1 Queen bed en suite (available as a private or shared room)

Single Occupancy: $2450 (3 nights in your own room)

Double occupancy: $1345 (3 nights in a shared room)

Day students welcome Friday, Saturday + Sunday: $325/day (includes daily menu) 

Day students please arrive early and on time to start with the first meditation.

Preparation For Attendees

Please bring a journal, warm clothing for the outdoors for nature walks. Water bottle, warm sox and comfortable clothing for meditation. Feel like you’re at home. Also upon reserving your space kindly email us with your intentions for the retreat along with astrological details. Our practitioners will review each attendee's individual mission so we can stay mindful throughout the retreat about your personal wellness vision.

For more questions about the workshop, contact Britta@schoolofconsciousness.org

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