Britta will teach you powerful methods to move from a stressful, fear- based reality, caused by your thoughts and unconscious belief systems to safety, comfort and abundant love in your life. Your new awareness will significantly improve your overall well being and quality of life.

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1)  Book a guided self-inquiry session.

Our thoughts can shape our life. They drive us towards success and happiness or failure and distress. Take control of your mind. Learn how to harness your thinking and live the life you truly deserve.

60 min session $ 195

6 x 60 min sessions $ 995

10 x 60 min sessions $ 1,750




2) Book a "Mini Vacation" to clear your mind and unwind your body.

Enjoy the effortless relaxation of a full body treatment on the Schumann 3D Plate followed by a guided self-inquiry session with Britta.

 75 min $205

5 x 75 min $950




3) Schumann 3D Plate
Book a deeply relaxing full-body session on the German engineered Schumann 3D Plate. Schumann 3D Plate was developed based on the resonance teaching of world-renowned physicist Professor Otto Winfried Schumann and a bio-geometric, natural, resonance pattern involving 3-dimensional rotations. The special spiral -shaped 3 D resonance pattern gently lifts up your skeleton and body, putting them in order and in the proper rhythm.
This powerful system is used by holistic practitioners in Europe to lift up the bony skeleton and the entire body in order to center you. The treatment neutralizes stressful, unnatural stimulatory influences.  The method optimizes body weight, improves your ability to concentrate and improves reaction and reflex behavior. The treatment will leave you upbeat, refreshed and energized with more power. 

20 min session $45

5 x 20 min sessions $220

10 x 20 min sessions $425


Text or call me for appointments in the Hamptons Memorial Day through Labor Day.



The following options are the price upon request.


Seven guided self-inquiry sessions at your home (Hamptons Memorial Day through Labor Day) or via Skype or Facetime. Text or e-mail for availability US Eastern Standard Time. This intensive program is designed to expedite your journey within and leads to the best version of yourself. Learning the ability to truly love yourself if the greatest gift you can get. (21)


Enjoy your 
custom-tailored 4-week intensive guidance program (3 x 90 min sessions per week with homework). (3)


Please send your request to Britta Steilmann - School of Consciousness